How do I become a WiSET Member?

Please complete a
and submit your payment to the WiSET Treasurer.

How long will my membership last?

Your membership is valid for 1 year after payment
is received.  Membership can be renewed by
sending a check payable to WiSET to the WiSET
Treasurer or at the annual WiSET meeting.

Why should I become a WiSET Member?

When you become a WiSET Member, you will be
added to the WiSET Mailing list and receive a
discount when you attend the Annual WiSET
Meeting. Also, you are allowed to vote during the
WiSET Business Meeting regarding future
decisions for the society.

I think I'm a WiSET Member, but I am not sure.
How do I find out?

If you believe you are a current WiSET Member,
please contact our WiSET Secretary to check your
membership. You may also take the time to
update your contact information with WiSET.

I still have questions about becoming a WiSET
Member. Who do I contact?

You can contact any of the WiSET Officers with
any questions about WiSET or becoming a
member. You may also visit our Facebook page for
more information by searching for "WiSET".
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Last updated: 1/21/2019 ks
WiSET Membership Application